Why cant athletes use steroids

It’s about becoming the most ALPHA version of yourself. For me, a 5’9 ecto-mesomorph, arms measuring 15/16 inches looks pretty damn great. On a 6’8 wrestler that obviously wouldn’t look as good. Contrary to the guy above, even steroids won’t make EVERYONE look like Arnie or Jay Cutler! But it’s relative to the individual. Eat like a lion, train like a beast, sleep like a baby and your physique will only improve. This confidence radiates like mad and attracts people to you. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people pick up on this and knowing you worked your ass off for it.

Hey there Renato ^ i will give u my feedback on my lifestyle and how it works for me. No meat or dairy or eggs and ZERO issues with energy at all. Fruit, veges, some grains (usually wholemeal bread occas, quinoa, cous cous, nuts and seeds, (i still use caffeine also), i use non gmo soymilk YES i was once ANTI soy- but with further research am not convinced its a problem in moderation on healthy people at all. I use oat milk occas, rice milk, almond milk whatever floats ur non dairy boat :P. Keeping strong is a case of getting enough CALORIES and exrecise for your given desires. I have a sub 4hr MARATHON in 12days and can stil lbench 1rep max @under 90kg at 192cm so not weak -but healthy! Enjoy the journey 🙂

Why cant athletes use steroids

why cant athletes use steroids


why cant athletes use steroidswhy cant athletes use steroidswhy cant athletes use steroidswhy cant athletes use steroidswhy cant athletes use steroids