Usn creatine anabolic

Please consult your physician first (especially if you have a medical condition). Do not use if you are pregnant/lactating or under the age of 18. Remember that an adequate state of hydration must be maintained when using this product. Have at least 8 - 12 large glasses of water per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Taking more than the recommended dose will not improve results and may cause adverse reactions. For best results an appropriate weight gain eating plan and training programme should be followed. High intake of free-form amino acids may initially cause gastric discomfort in sensitive individuals - if this prolongs, reduce dosage or discontinue. Nutritional supplements should not replace a balanced, varied diet. Tolerance to lactose is variable - please seek advice as to the role of lactase in the diet.

Creatine Anabolic is an advanced creatine transport and muscle cell rehydration system, designed to optimise muscle development and Anabolic’s advanced formulation is scientifically engineered to maximize creatine absorption in order to significantly increase strength and sprinting performance, boost cellular ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) levels, increase muscle glycogen, enhance muscle cell volumization and accelerate gains in lean muscle Anabolic makes use of Hyper Uptake Matrix, a scientific formulation that combines pure creatine (laboratory tested HPLC % pure creatine monohydrate), Creatine Ethyl Ester and Tri-Creatine Malate with dextrose, a high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate, which causes an insulin spike, making more creatine and glucose available to muscle cells much faster. As an insulin mimic, Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) has been added to promote this to an even greater Muscle PUMP TechTM Stack includes the above, but also delivers a powerful blow of Taurine, L-Glutamine and Beta-Alanine, to further enhance the uptake of creatine. It also supports glycogen synthesis, protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, while blocking cortisol to prevent protein breakdown in FactsServing Size: 1 rounded scoop (53g) Amount per 100g %RDA/AI* Energy 1122kJ 595kJ 2% Total Carbohydrates 66g of which sugars 61g 32g Fat 0mg 0g Total Fibre 0g 0g * Sodium 132mg 70mg 5% Potassium 132mg 70mg 2% Magnesium 75mg 40mg 42% Phosphorus 170mg 90mg 9%ULTRA-4 STACKTMCreatine Monohydrate, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Tri-Creatine Malate, Creatine 500mgMyoFORCE MatrixTMBeta-alanine,Taurine, Glycine, HMB, L-Glutamine, L-Glutamine AKG, L-Glutamine Ethyl Ester HCI<

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Usn creatine anabolic

usn creatine anabolic


usn creatine anabolicusn creatine anabolicusn creatine anabolicusn creatine anabolicusn creatine anabolic