Uk strongman steroids

I noticed one thing. After spending two weeks mountain climbing (intensely — there was snow so it was really strenuous) I go back to the gym and find I have way more stamina and am able to push myself much harder in the same exercises I did before. But I know one could not replicate that same kind of thing at the gym. The boring quality of the gym — like a sensory deprivation chamber compared to outdoor mountain climbing — dampens down your brain and makes it tough to push yourself hard athletically. Whereas, go mountain climbing, and you are all preoccupied with getting to the top, to the point where you forget how tired you are.

lol…i hope for your sake you’re at most 18 years old. Just reading the title made me laugh, then the points we’re almost elementary.
“10 reasons we should all take steroids, they don’t make you lose hair, your ‘pee-pee'(really?) won’t shrink. Grow up pea-brain. There are many other bad side-effects, on top of that the long term effects are still largely unknown. If some kid just getting into bodybuilding was looking at this he’d probably take your ignorant advice to heart. And judging by your last point…”the dark side has cookies” (again, really?) your target audience is people new to the bodybuilding scene. Stop spreading bull**** and take some time out of your day to actually learn about the effects of steroids via a doctor or other RELIABLE source. Lastly…all this begs the questions, why exactly would you want new builders to feel so positively about steroids..? Do you perhaps feel angry that others don’t feel the same way you do? Or maybe you realized that steroids aren’t all they’re cracked up to be (by people like you, of course), and now don’t want to be the only one facing the problems you likely faced with?

Uk strongman steroids

uk strongman steroids


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