Test steroids cycle

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You can run any type of testosterone you like. If you run Test Enanthate or Cypionate, Your PCT will start 15 days after last pin. If you run Sustanon DO NOT start pct until 3 weeks after last injection.
Test dose is 600 but if you feel your libido is low you can bump up to 650, 700 or 750. Up to the user.
If you do not respond well to arimidex, you can run aromasin instead. Try a dose of every day.
Caber is not the only option, you can choose prami, or bromo instead. Read the "how to control prolactin" link for more information about prolactin inhibitors (dopamine agonists)
It is up to you to find your perfect AI and dose, this is just a guideline but use what works best for you. You can also run the caber into pct if you choose.

Test steroids cycle

test steroids cycle


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