Steroid nasal spray trade names

Nasal congestion is commonly caused by allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. This occurs when pollen, dust, mold spores, or other allergens are inhaled and irritate the nasal passage. Other causes of nasal congestion include the common cold or flu, a deviated septum, sinusitis or sinus infections, reaction to certain medications. Additionally, nasal congestion occurs in many women during pregnancy. In many individuals, nasal congestion is caused by food allergies. Those who are lactose intolerant often find themselves suffering from a stuffy nose. Your doctor can conduct allergy tests to identify your specific type of food allergy and recommend a new diet. Reducing the amount of dairy in your diet in addition to carbohydrates and sugar can improve the quality of your diet and reduce nasal congestion.

CPAP Nasal Masks – Once the most popularly prescribed interface, the nasal style is a triangle shaped design that covers the nose only. These masks are lighter weight than the full face but heavier that the nasal pillow style. Nasal styles are mostly recommended for people that do not need a full face mask and may be irritated by nostril inserts of the pillow style masks. The same cleaning, maintenance and replacement schedule applies for this style. A pro to these masks would be price point as they are often cheaper than the nasal pillow and full face.

Steroid nasal spray trade names

steroid nasal spray trade names


steroid nasal spray trade namessteroid nasal spray trade namessteroid nasal spray trade namessteroid nasal spray trade names