Saheli-non steroidal oral contraceptive pill

Exhaustive studies, in thousands of women, evaluating the use of centchroman as a contraceptive have shown that this drug is quite safe. Unlike steroidal contraceptives, centchroman does not cause nausea, vomiting or dizziness and has no adverse effects on the woman’s lipid profile and platelet function. Moreover, the contraceptive effect of centchroman is reversible and a woman can experience normal pregnancy on stopping the drug. Besides its use as a contraceptive, this drug works as an effective treatment for dysfunctional uterine bleeding. To top it all, centchroman is bestowed with a unique property of being effective against breast cancer. Multi-centric trials have shown the efficacy of centchroman in treating breast cancer patients.

Most of newly married couples ignore this very important point. Clarify this to husband at first night itself before starting foreplay.
No boy or girl is expert in management of all necessary works related to life routines immediately after marriage.
Both must learn slowly many things from each other & oneself. Co-operate & ask him too to do so in all possible works.
Exchange your roles at home after every 15 or 30 days to learn.
Keep in contact with a good & competent  gynecologist. Follow her instructions fully.
Talk abt your private life with husband only & if it is necessary, then only discuss with your confident gynecologist.

Saheli-non steroidal oral contraceptive pill

saheli-non steroidal oral contraceptive pill


saheli-non steroidal oral contraceptive pillsaheli-non steroidal oral contraceptive pillsaheli-non steroidal oral contraceptive pill