Non-steroid hormones are usually derived from

DOC's primary purpose is to regulate electrolytes. However, it has other effects, such as to remove potassium from leucocytes [28] and muscle, [29] depress glycogen formation [30] and to stimulate copper containing lysyl oxidase enzyme [31] and connective tissue, [32] which attributes may be used by the body to help survive during potassium wasting intestinal diseases. [26] The greater efficiency of DOC in permitting sodium excretion (or perhaps it should be expressed as inefficiency at retention) must be partly through morphological changes in the kidney cells because escape from DOC's sodium retention takes several days to materialize, and when it does, these cells are much more efficient at unloading sodium if sodium is then added than cells accustomed to a prior low intake. Thus, paradoxically, a low salt intake should be protective against loss of sodium in perspiration.

Each gram of fat provides 9 calories. Let me first mention that fat is not evil! At least not all fats are. The "good" fats are the essential fatty acids: fatty acids that your body can't produce itself and that are needed for optimal function. These fats have to come from your diet or supplementation program. These essential fatty acids fall into two broad categories: omega-3 and omega-6. Most people get plenty of omega-6 from their diet, especially if it's rich in animal protein sources. However, omega-3 deficiency is very common in North America, mostly because fish consumption is generally very low. Omega-3 fatty acids, especially the all-important DHA and EPA, have several benefits when it comes to being healthy and building a muscular physique.

A top breeder that I admire had earlier told be that she has successfully combated bsd using white pomeranians. In the process of using whites, she has suffered on quality but the remedy for bsd has been extremely successful.
Now, I have been informed of some white pomeranians have had black skin. So, apparently, the whites are not exempted from this problem but I am inclined to think that bsd is so much watered down in this color because it is quite undeveloped.
I believe that bsd is the result of too much inbreeding and linebreeding. Very much like the human royalties of Europe, hemophilia was the result of their cousin to cousin marriages. Their bastard children(outcross) did not have this problem. I suppose the logic behind this earlier theory is that the whites have less of these in/linebreeding. Ergo, the theory.

Non-steroid hormones are usually derived from

non-steroid hormones are usually derived from


non-steroid hormones are usually derived fromnon-steroid hormones are usually derived fromnon-steroid hormones are usually derived fromnon-steroid hormones are usually derived fromnon-steroid hormones are usually derived from