Nfl steroid suspensions 2015

SUMMARY: During the December 4, 2016 regular season game between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Giants cornerback Eli Apple recovered two Steelers' turnovers and noticed that the Steelers seemed to be playing with deflated footballs. Upon testing by the Giants' on their sideline (an act which is expressly against the rules ), both footballs were found to be below the magical and sacrosanct lower limit of PSI. According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk , one ball measured PSI and the other PSI. Unlike their posturing two years ago, the league quickly came out with this statement which passively admitted that cold temperatures will lower the air pressure in footballs: "The officiating game ball procedures were followed and there were no chain of command issues. All footballs were in compliance and no formal complaint was filed by the Giants with our office."

This isn’t a declaration that I will no longer watch football, or that football will die, because I don’t know when or if either of those will happen. But the NFL’s current model treats every player as both expendable and subordinate to a system that demands total fealty to league diktats, be they written, unwritten, and made up on the fly. That seems unsustainable, because the faces of the league—quarterbacks nearer to age 40 than they are to their rookie seasons–will retire, and eventually it will be players like Blake Bortles and Nathan Peterman, all the way down.

Here is a question that NO ONE has asked:
Elliott pulled down a womans top and exposed her in public. WHERE are the feminists groups protesting against Zeke?
Why aren’t feminists and democrats demanding that Zeke is suspended and that the NFLPA needs to stand down?
So Zeke is a union-protected player, and black, so the democrats and feminists are absolutely silent.
I must assume that democrats and feminists believe that it’s perfectly fine for multi-millionaire football players, to assault a woman and expose her body.
WHY are they upset if a non-democrat male using unflattering verbiage about a woman, but if a pro athlete actually grabs a woman then liberal democrats are fine with it?

Nfl steroid suspensions 2015

nfl steroid suspensions 2015


nfl steroid suspensions 2015nfl steroid suspensions 2015nfl steroid suspensions 2015nfl steroid suspensions 2015nfl steroid suspensions 2015