Lorenzo becker steroids

Lorenzo Becker at his best ever at the end of the year in December 2012 - Biggest and best 20 year old bodybuilder in History THIS IS WHAT LORENZO SAID WHEN HE WAS 16: My name is Lorenzo Becker, I'm a teen bodybuilder, born on October 2nd 1992. I'm actually 16 years old and will turn 17 soon. My goal is to turn pro one day and I'm determined to do my best, train hard and do some big damage on the Ifbb scene. (HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT WHAT HE SAID, AND IN THE NEXT COMING YEARS HE'LL BE THE BEST AND MOST FAMOUS BODYBUILDER IN THE WORLD!) His physique and build is astonishing and like nobody elses, it differs so much from everyone else! INSPIRING List of the songs: 1st Track: W&W - Alpha( ZYZZ Pump-Up Mix) [CVSA117] 2nd Track: Fightmusic ( Aggressive Instrumental ) [BPM / Ragnar]

Lorenzo becker steroids

lorenzo becker steroids


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