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Kim was exhausted. It had been a grueling practice, but with the big competition only a couple of days away, there was no choice but to go all out. She was happy with everyone’s performance, and felt confident that they would do well in the competition. Surprisingly enough, Drakken and her other regulars had been quiet lately, so there had been no interruptions. They were all up to something, of course, but with luck their next round of dumbass plans would not be implemented until after the cheer competition. The film crew for the “ Kim Possible ” reality show was packing up. If the show had been produced by MTV or VH1, the crew might have followed the squad into the locker room, with fuzzing out of naughty bits. But the show was aired on the Disney Channel, so the locker room was totally verboten.

Kim possible mole rat steroids

kim possible mole rat steroids


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