Igf-3 steroid

IM new to the forum. Im 24, I have never used gear. I have been doing research and that is what led me to this forum, and it seems as though you guys are helpful. Is their a difference between IGF-1 and IGF-3 besides the length of time it stays active (If that is even correct)? Would you need to run a PCT? Is IGF less damaging to the body? Is it even worth trying an IGF cycle (Would gains be significant)? I know im not ready yet. I have a lot more training to do prior, but I would like to continue more information before I decide to use gear (maybe Next year).

I know you do a lot for the community HR and lord only knows how much you have spent on testing, etc. Let me play devils advocate. For HPLC, etc why does everyone seem to go nuts over some lab in Switzerland? There aren't any here in the US that can test gear? With the money Simec is printing one would think more players would enter the steroid testing market. DBG must be a "low responder"...one of my favorite bro science terms. I bet he wasn't a low responder when he went through puberty. Sorry DBG...u know ur my boy not trying to single you out lol. It's the political season you bet I'm on my soapbox!

Igf-3 steroid

igf-3 steroid