How to bulk up on steroids

I don't recommend drinking that much milk.  It raises your chances of developing prostate cancer.  Check the studies.  But I also agree that the intake of protein, (whey) while very benificial, should be calculated depending on your weight and long term goals.  Generally, your caloric intake must be a lot but only from whole natural foods.  Supplements can help, but remember that your body will respond best to real foods.  I speak from experience.  Determine what you need, and find real foods to achieve your nutritional requirements.  This means giving up the beers on the weekends, and getting rid of the chips and processed foods.  A little change in your shopping list will go a long way! :)

In order to get your good fats keep the essential fats at 3 tablespoons per day for guys and for women in the form of flax seed oil, fish oils or extra virgin canned olive oil. I split my fats between my two low carbohydrate meals, which are meal 7 and 8. The reason I like to do this is because they eliminate my cravings for sweets at night that come as a result of the reduced carbohydrate intake at this time. Also, if I eat the fats earlier in the day with my carbohydrates, they completely kill my appetite and make it hard for me to consume the amount of carbohydrates that I need to eat.

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How to bulk up on steroids

how to bulk up on steroids


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