Half life calculator steroid

Name Symbol Half-life ( t ½ ) fluorine-20 20 F 9 11 seconds magnesium-27 27 Mg 12 minutes sodium-24 24 Na 11 15 hours iodine-131 131 I 53 8 days cobalt-60 60 Co 27 years tritium
(hydrogen-3) 3 H 1 years strontium-90 90 Sr 38 28 years carbon-14 14 C 6 5,700 years radium-226 226 Ra 88 1,600 years plutonium-239 239 Pu 94 24,000 years uranium-238 238 U 92 4,500,000,000 years

WARNING: This calculator cannot be used as a substitute for legal advice. The calculator assumes that you die in 2012 and make no significant lifetime gifts. If you are married, the calculator assumes that you and your spouse each own half of every asset. The calculator makes other important (and potentially wrong) assumptions about your estate. The calculator computes federal estate tax, without regard to the federal deduction for state death taxes. The tax due in any given case may be substantially higher or lower than is shown above, and may vary depending on your state of residence.

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Half life calculator steroid

half life calculator steroid


half life calculator steroidhalf life calculator steroidhalf life calculator steroidhalf life calculator steroidhalf life calculator steroid