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"Change takes time, but we are committed to improving these hospitals and creating environments that foster excellence in patient care and accountability to the communities we serve," Dr. Safyer said. "We will look to community leaders and elected officials to inform our response to community needs. The doctors, nurses and hospital staff have shown admirable dedication to their patients and we will work with them to reach new levels of exceptional patient care."

In addition to the new campuses in New Rochelle and Mount Vernon, Montefiore operates nine health facilities in Westchester providing primary and specialty care such as cardiology, neurology and women's health. Montefiore has two existing business campuses located in Yonkers and Tarrytown where more than 1,600 associates currently work. In the second half of 2014, Montefiore also is opening a new pathology lab in Mount Vernon with an additional 300 employees.

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Guy montefiore shaffer steroids

guy montefiore shaffer steroids


guy montefiore shaffer steroidsguy montefiore shaffer steroidsguy montefiore shaffer steroidsguy montefiore shaffer steroidsguy montefiore shaffer steroids