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His schedule in the Olympics was busy. Along with the decathlon and pentathlon, he competed in the long jump and high jump. The first competition was the pentathlon. He won four of the five events and placed third in the javelin, an event he had not competed in before 1912. Although the pentathlon was primarily decided on place points, points were also earned for the marks achieved in the individual events. He won the gold medal. That same day, he qualified for the high jump final in which he placed fourth, and also took seventh place in the long jump. Even more remarkably, because someone had stolen his shoes just before he was due to compete, he found some discarded ones in a rubbish bin and won his medals wearing them. [30]

Lin was undrafted after he left Harvard and then he was cut twice by NBA teams before he burst onto the scene with the New York Knicks in 2012 after signing a 10-day contract and sleeping on the sofa of a friend. Lin, knowing he was perhaps a day away from getting cut outright or sent to the D-League, played so well in an emergency role, he sparked a Knicks winning streak and generated a global wave of attention known as "Linsanity." Lin become the first NBA player to score at least 20 points and have seven assists in each of his first five starts

"American Ninja Warrior" is not totally alone in how it rewards its contestants. The long-running MTV reality competition " The Challenge ," which features participants divided into teams competing in physical challenges, awards compensation primarily in incremental amounts of prize money as the show goes on. "The Challenge" does give its cast a small base fee in the ballpark of $4,000, something "Ninja Warrior" does not do. However, unlike in "The Challenge" or most other shows, for athletes on "American Ninja Warrior" to have a realistic shot at the prize money they must put in countless hours of training outside of the show. That intense commitment would seem to warrant a different compensation structure. 

Famous american athletes steroids

famous american athletes steroids


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