Does wwe superstars take steroids

WWE does do blood testing but they do not say what their testing is able to detect nor what wrestlers test positive for when they are suspended. Holly claims that during his time there was no blood testing for HGH, only for diseases like HIV. In fact British rugby player Terry Newton was the first professional athlete ever to test positive for illegal use of HGH reports the BBC , and that was in 2009. American sports groups like the NFL and MLB are only just wheeling out programs after hot debate, and there is still no agreed on form of testing. MMA and most other sports are not even close to standard HGH testing.

When thinking of Superstars that embody the “Land of Opportunity” that SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon is cultivating on the blue brand, the well-oiled machine that is American Alpha immediately springs to mind. These days, though, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable often don’t get the recognition they’ve earned since their emergence on the Team Blue roster in the WWE Brand Extension Draft last summer. Despite Gable suffering an injury that waylaid the duo en route to the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, the pair persevered and won a Four Corners Elimination Match to snare the championships in December. Jordan & Gable kept the titles until March of this year when they were defeated by The Usos, but something tells us the ruthless brothers are only keeping the championships warm until American Alpha is “Ready, Willing and Gable” to reclaim them. — JAMES WORTMAN

Does wwe superstars take steroids

does wwe superstars take steroids


does wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroids