Bulking meal plan steroids

Hi Mario, I started today with 16/8 plan, I had my first meal at 1 pm which was a shake with fruits, then my second meal was at 5 pm was salad, shrimp , some turkey bacon and 1/4 chicken breast. And my third meal will be may be around 8:30 pm or so after my 30 minutes workout will be another shake with 1/2 frozen banana and 1/2 chicken breast.
I really need to lose 35 pounds if not 40 pounds! Do u think that plan is good for me or no?
Are my food choices good?
Do I need to workout fasting? Which I really can’t as I get really nauseous!
Do I need to add carbs to my meals?

Hey rod . Remember me ? The guy who has been stucked at 225 for over two years ? . I’m following your workout . No clean diet . Eating whatever I want . I gained 4 pounds already but my bench has gone up 20
Pounds in less than a moth doing your workout plan . My squat is 335×8 also has crazily gone up . I don’t do the deadlift part or the lunges . But your workout plan is amazing. thanks rod . One question . If I’m going to this pace . Where do you think I can get with my bench press in one more month ? Realistically? I appreciate your help

Bulking meal plan steroids

bulking meal plan steroids


bulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroids