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Beximco Synthetics Limited (the "Company") a member of the BEXIMCO Group, was incorporated in Bangladesh as a public limited company. It went for public issue of shares and debentures in 1993 and commenced commercial operation in July 1994. The shares of the company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges of Bangladesh and the debentures of the company are listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange of Bangladesh.

The principal activities of the company are manufacturing of Polyester Filament Yarn namely, Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) and Draw Texturized Filament Yarn (DTFY) and sales thereof. The Company employed 408 employees as of 31 December 2008.

Pam has worked in the Natural Health and Pharmaceutical industry for over 17 years - in positions encompassing Quality, Regulatory, Formulation, Technical Sales and Customer Relations roles. In 1999, as Health Canada’s Natural Health Directorate was coming into inception, Pam’s Analytical Chemistry focus took her to work at Natural Factors, one of North Americas largest Natural Health Product Manufacturers, as the Quality Control Lab Manager overseeing the Analytical Testing Lab and QC Sampling departments. She went on to work for 11 years at LV Lomas, a leading North American distributor of Pharma, NHP and food specialty ingredients, where she received training from top ingredient manufacturers, assisted customers in developing formulations using both standard and multifunctional ingredients, and aided customers with formulation and production challenges through collaboration with industry technical specialists and hands-on customer plant trials.

British pharmaceuticals stanozolol

british pharmaceuticals stanozolol


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