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In a few generations all people on this planet will be mixed-raced like Barack Obama….. Your post is un-necessarily violent and I’m quite surprised 18 people voted it up….LOL…. Anyway, as a French Black, I have to say that the white female friends I’ve had since primary school and up to now all over Europe (and including Denmark and Norway where I’ve lived many years) have been very fond of me and my little brother (who is also black by the way). Not because we’re black or because we have big dicks but mostly because we’re very fun to be with and can hold a conversation about any subject (from genetics, to petroleum transformation processes, computer science, space exploration, gender equality, space law, all forms of art, charity schemes that make sense and can be self-sustainable etc). We’re highly educated , good-looking and we fuck like Rocco or Julio Iglesias depending on the circumstances.

Ayia napa steroids

ayia napa steroids


ayia napa steroidsayia napa steroids